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Eurecat, the VitiGEOSS project coordinator, attended the Transfiere Forum 2024, the 13th European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation, led by the Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (FEDIT) and celebrated from 20th – 22nd in Malaga, Spain.

The VitiGEOSS platform was showcased as an innovative solution featuring digital tools for precision viticulture with the objective to drive more sustainable vineyard management and the crop’s resilience to climate change.

Among all the services included in this platform, Eurecat has developed the business and sustainability manager service and the disease management tool. The first one supports wine makers and farmers to plan best timing for field operations, to achieve a better planning of resources needed, reduce the use of raw materials, and promote a sustainable winegrowing. On the other hand, the disease management is a tool for forecasting the downy and powdery mildew evolution considering the meteorological conditions and crop status optimising the number of treatments and resources used to assure its effectively.

During the forum, Eurecat also presented Eurecat Innova Málaga, the new Joint Innovation Unit promoted in collaboration with Innova-IRV to work on the execution of collaborative projects, the creation of technology-based companies and the participation in international research and innovation projects.

The Transfiere Forum included an intensive program of thematic panels, sessions and conferences providing a great opportunity to access valuable up-to-date information presented by prominent figures from the scientific, technological, and business fields.

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