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The VitiGEOSS project has been presented during the “Congresso Douro & Porto – Memoria+Futuro” organised by Vinhos Douro e Porto in a hybrid format from 19th – 22nd of July 2021.

Fernando Alves, project partner from Symington, participated in the session “Vine – Future/ Emerging technologies” and delivered the presentation “Emerging Technologies for Innovation in Monitoring Vineyard and Harvest Optimization in Hillside Viticulture in Douro: Case Studies at Symington”. Alves took the opportunity to introduce VitiGEOSS as a key project participated by Symington and focused at developing an innovative vineyard tool based on the integration of Earth Observation Services and in-field sensors.

The Congress Douro & Porto is a scientific and cultural event focused at promoting the convergence between history, sociology, law, viticulture, enology and economics, with views of biodiversity, climate change, sustainability and technology challenges in order to maintain the Douro Wine Region with vitality, dynamism and capacity to respond to constant changes and challenges.

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