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The VitiGEOSS project has been represented in a session held within the webinar series “Sustainable adaptation to drought in the Aconcagua Valley” organised by the Netherlands Water Partnership and celebrated last June 16th.

The webinar series is focused on exploring the European demand for sustainable products and to exchange knowledge and expertise on water management for agriculture, as well as sustainable practices and innovation technologies to cope with drought and increase best practices for agricultural producers.

Ernesto Bastidas, project partner from eLEAF, participated in the session “Innovative Technologies for Irrigation and Soil Management” and took this opportunity to present VitiGEOSS as a key project promoting a more sustainable agriculture in wine sector by developing an innovative vineyard tool based on the integration of Earth Observation Services and in-field sensors. Ernesto gave a general overview about the project, explaining its main objectives, methodology and the expected outputs.

Download here the presentation

The presentation also included a brief introduction on how eLEAF can help companies, institutions and other innovative projects to work in the sustainability sector, agricultural production and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

eLEAF is a Dutch high-tech company that provides satellite-based applications and data to optimize agricultural production, water resources management and agricultural index insurance. eLEAF is the developer and owner of a set of algorithms that transform meteorological and remote sensing-based data into quantitative crop, water and climate parameters per pixel.

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