VITIGEOSS Business Service: Task scheduling optimization in vineyards

Proceedings of the 22nd GiESCO International Meeting (GIESCO), Ithaca, USA, July 17-20, 2023

by Raimon Fabregat, Alex Pujol, Josep Pijuan (Eurecat); Fernando Santos Alves (Symington Family Estates); Antonio Dente (Mastroberardino); Montse Torres (Familia Torres)


Agriculture plantations are complex systems whose performance critically depends on the execution of several types of tasks with precise timing and efficiency to respond to different external factors. This is particularly true for orchards like vineyards, which need to be strictly monitored and regulated, as they are sensitive to diverse types of pests, and climate conditions. In these environments, managing and optimally scheduling the available work force and resources is not trivial and is usually done by teams of senior managers based on their experience. In this regard, having a baseline schedule could help them in the decision process and improve their results, in terms of time and resources spent. To this aim we have developed the VITIGEOSS Business Service, a scheduling optimizer module of the VITIGEOSS platform, which offers support to vineyard managers in organizing their work forces and minimizing costs. The VITIGEOSS Business Service is designed to allow the user to easily configure the characteristics of any specific agronomy related process adapting its results. Moreover, it is an online service embedded in the VITIGEOSS web platform, so it can be accessed from any device.