The project

Providing forecasts, estimations and recommendations to wine makers to optimise vineyard management processes

The VitiGEOSS project aims to use of European Open Earth Observation services for the improvement of agriculture business operations at an economic, environmental and local level.

To do so, the project will develop an innovative vineyard management solution based on the integration of Earth Observation services and in-field sensors with the objective to increase the resolution and reliability of satellite information applied to the viticulture sector.

The innovative solution promoted by the project has the objective to respond to future challenges of the worldwide food and wine industry, which requires to intensify the production in a sustainable way, mitigate the effects of climate change, reduce negative environmental externalities and promote local economic growth.

Start date – 1 September 2020
End date – 28 February 2024 (42 months)


Pilot demonstrators

The solution of VitiGEOSS will be proven in three demo sites in Spain, Italy and Portugal, in which will be devoted a pilot vineyard for the project.

During the first year, those vineyards will be used for the calibration of all services and in the second and third year, the services will be tested, validated and deviations analysed for possible further corrections.


Work Packages

Project management

Overall management of the activities to be performed in the project, including administration and financial affairs, quality assurance, risk management, data management and innovation management.

 Intelligent services or vineyard management

Design and operationally deliver a set of Intelligent Services (ISs) aimed to feed the VitiGEOSS platform to promote a more effective vineyard management and decision support.

Integrated Vineyard Management Application Portal (DSS)

Deployment of the VitiGEOSS cloud-based application portal providing a one-stop-shop for viticultural applications to end-users.


Validation of the in-field performances of VitiGEOSS platform and information services in supporting viticulturists to manage the vineyard based on sustainability indicators.

Commercial innovation and market penetration

Evaluation of the future sustainability of VitiGEOSS and analyses market critical policies and financial constraints required to promote the sustainable wine growing approach using the sustainability checker application provided in WP2.

Communication and Dissemination

Planning and development of communication and dissemination activities to facilitate knowledge transfer to end users, spread the use of Earth Observation services and climate services among the agriculture sector and promote the market uptake of VitiGEOSS solutions.

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