Earth Observation data for sustainable practices in viticulture

2nd of October 2023, 11.15h – 13.00h CEST | Online

Earth Observation services have a great potential for agriculture, especially in the development of tools for a more sustainable viticulture practices. The VitiGEOSS platform is a vineyard management solution integrating Earth Observation services with the objective to help wine producers and viticulturists improve their operations and make better informed decisions for adaptation to the changing climate.

The VitiGEOSS project would like to invite you to take part in the upcoming webinar taking place within the EuroGEO Workshop to discuss the importance of remote sensing and Earth Observation data for the wine sector, disseminate the potential of Earth Observation data and applications for more sustainable viticulture practices and raise awareness about the importance of developing EO-based solutions for a better agricultural management. Additionally, project partners will deliver different presentations to showcase the research conducted as part of VitiGEOSS.



– Welcome 

– Earth Observation for agriculture

– Introduction to VitiGEOSS

Earth Observation in VitiGEOSS 

– Data in action: VitiGEOSS platform showcase

– Participatory activity & Discussion 

– Get to know the audience 

– Topics for discussion and closure of the event

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