Celebrating the VitiGEOSS consortium meeting and the third stakeholder event in Portugal

The VitiGEOSS consortium celebrated its new consortium meeting from 10 – 12 of May at Symington Family Estates facilities Quinta do Bomfim located at Portugal.

Partners reviewed the work done and discussed about the next steps and actions to tackle during the final year of the project for the release and uptake of the intelligent services developed to optimise vineyard management operations, including forecasts on weather and climate, phenology, irrigation, and disease, as well as business and sustainability management tools.

Third local stakeholders event

On the other hand, the VitiGEOSS project took the opportunity to celebrate the new local stakeholders event with Portuguese wine producers, associations and researchers of the region.

During the event, project partners presented the activities and services under development of the VitiGEOSS project, highlighting how public data and resources such as satellite data can be used and their potential for the viticulture sector. Participants had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with entities from the sector’s value chain to identify technological needs, barriers and challenges for the adoption of new services such as the VitiGEOSS platform.