eLEAF is a Dutch high-tech company that provides satellite-based applications and data to optimize agricultural production, water resources management and agricultural index insurance. eLEAF is the developer and owner of a set of algorithms that transform meteorological and remote sensing-based data into quantitative crop, water and climate parameters per pixel.

eLEAF’s agricultural products include our crop monitoring platform FieldLook, which provides end-users with actionable information on crop’s health and water use. In the Western Cape of South Africa our FruitLook service, an instantiation of FieldLook, supports wine grape and other fruit farmers to enhance on-farm resources and crop management.

Contribution to VitiGEOSS

eLEAF is leading the WP on the Integrated Vineyard Management Application Portal and tasks on key crop indicators tracking, data service management and operational provision of the services output data.