Familia Torres is one of Spain’s most renowned family-owned winery, led by the fifth generation who is focusing on single-vineyard wines and the recovery of ancestral varieties to face climate change.  

Founded in 1870, Familia Torres has been historically linked to the Catalan regions of Penedès, Conca de BarberàPriorat and Costers del Segre, but has also extended its presence to vineyards and wineries in preeminent Spanish wine regions, as well as Chile and California. Strongly committed to the environment and sustainability, it is a member of the Primum Familiae Vini, an association of 12 wine families who are among the most prestigious wine producers in Europe.  

Contribution to VitiGEOSS

Familia Torres will provide data to WP2 to co-design the intelligent services, and in WP4, will do the maintenance and monitoring of the trial plots for testing and refining of the platform. During the WP3, Familia Torres will validate that VITIGEOSS cloud-based application portal delivers against the user requirements. In WP6, the company will participate in tasks related to Knowledge transfer and added value provision to target groups (task 6.3), and as hosts of a local session addressed to local farmers and rural communities with the aim to educate on sustainable agricultural practices to improve productivity (subtask 6.3.2)