The VitiGEOSS is looking for wine makers and viticulturists to join our platform as test users

The VitiGEOSS is looking for wine producers and viticulturists in Europe interested in joining the project’s platform as test users. The call will be open from November until the end of February 2024.

Registered users will receive forecasts and different information related to weather & climate, phenology, diseases, crop status monitoring and business operation in a single platform, tailored to their fields and location.

The participation to the VitiGEOSS platform as test user is free of charge. Interested participants will be asked to provide information on their fields and vines and historical data on phenology and disease information, among other. A detailed list of data requirements to take the most advantage of VitiGEOSS services can be found here.

About the platform 

VitiGEOSS platform is deployed as a cloud-based Applications Portal co-designed with end-users. The platform infrastructure includes an API Service Store for service providers and, from another hand, the Application Dashboard for wine producers. This solution provides support to growers and aims to be a single access point for wine producers, supporting a circular economy approach.