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VitiGEOSS researchers have presented the poster “Data driven predictive models based on Artificial Intelligence to anticipate the presence of Plasmopara viticola and Uncinula necator in southern European winegrowing regions” during the 24th International Congress of the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (24CCIA). The CCIA Congress, the meeting point of the Catalan Artificial Intelligence community, has been celebrated from 19th – 21st of October in Sitges (Spain).

The poster, which is produced under the framework of the VitiGEOSS project, introduces the new predictive modelling tools and methods that allow anticipating disease appearance in the vineyard, while minimising the losses in fruit yield and quality, and helping farmers to define appropriate and more sustainable disease management strategies. The work also presents the results obtained of the comparison of the three different study areas which are centered in the Mediterranean and Atlantic region of vine production in Europe.

The work, produced by Marta Otero, Jordi Ricard Onrubia, Alex Josep Pujol, Luisa Fernanda Velásquez and Josep Pijuan, from the Applied Artificial Intelligence of Eurecat, and Boris Basile, from the University of Naples Federico II, has been granted as the best short paper award.

Download the poster here

The Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (ACIA) is a non-profit association focused on promote the advancement of Artificial Intelligence sector in the Catalan society and has the objective to support communication between all the agents involved in this field, promoting social, cultural, scientific, economic and governmental awareness.



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