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The VitiGEOSS project has participated in the workshop “European Platforms & Co-design best practices” organised by the European Research Executive Agency and celebrated in an online format on April 16th.

The workshop, aimed at sharing different project’s experiences related to the application of co-design approaches for the development of European platforms, included an introduction of the main EuroGEO highlights and the announcement of the next EuroGEO 2021 workshop, as well as a presentation of the findings and co-design best practices of e-shape project, which supports the coordinated explotaition of Earth Observation data and services across Europe.

Project partners from Eurecat , BSC, and eLEAF participated at the discussion table organised within the workshop and presented VitiGEOSS as a key research and innovation project in the agri-food sector, developing an innovative vineyard management tool based on Earth Observation services and in-field sensors.

The discussion also counted with the participation of representatives from FIRE, shaping the research and innovation strategy for Earth Obsevation in Europe through open dialogue with industry experts from focus sectors, SAFERS, aiming at creating an emergency management system for wildfires, Envision, aiming at delivering a toolbox of services for continuous and systematic monitoring of sustainable agricultural practice, Nextland, developing next generation land management services for agriculture and forestry and SusTunTech, mixting Coperincus data, machine learning, AI, etc. to improve energy saving for the tuna industry.

All projects presented, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, shared their experience with the implementation of co-design approaches and the exploitation  of the existing European platforms, to build on each other’s results.

As a continuation of this first collaboration activity, VITIGEOSS was invited to participate in the next EO-based solutions projects, within the 2021 edition of the EuroGEO workshop which will , be oganised by the European Commission and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation on September 2021.

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