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405, 2023

Intelligent services for smart vineyard management released

The VitiGEOSS project has developed a set of innovative services providing forecasts on weather & climate, phenology, irrigation, and disease, as well as business and sustainability management tools for optimising sustainable grapevine cultivation. The VitiGEOSS European project has developed an innovative vineyard management platform providing forecasts, estimations, and recommendations for winemakers to help boost vineyards’ sustainability and adaptation to climate change. The platform offers tools for supporting farmers and business managers to improve their decision-making processes, and, thus, the optimisation

3005, 2022

Answer our new survey and help us to understand the current needs of the viticulture sector!

Help us understand the practical relevance of precision viticulture services! The VitiGEOSS project launches a new survey with the objective to understand the practical relevance of precision viticulture services, the current needs of the viticulture sector regarding these services and the most widely used technological solutions. The feedback received will be integrated into the technical requirements for the development of an innovative vineyard management solution based on the integration of Earth Observation services and in-field sensors to increase

2809, 2021

European Consortium to Integrate Satellite and IoT Data to Develop Innovative Solutions for Smart Vineyard Management

9 partners from 4 European countries participate in the VitiGEOSS project, which aims to deploy innovative vineyard tools offering integrated services for weather and climate predictions, crop and disease management, business operations and sustainability assessment.  Artificial intelligence techniques, together with satellite and sensor data, are to be used to improve the local management of agricultural business operations at the economic and environmental level.   The European Union is currently the world’s largest producer of wine, and its production is the main

Past events

The VitiGEOSS project was presented during the Open Day “Technological infrastructures for the digitalization of the agricultural sector” organised by Eurecat and celebrated last 23rd of March in the Lleida AgroBioTech Park (Spain).

Eurecat, the VitiGEOSS project coordinator, has participated at the Mobile World Congress 2023, which took place from February 27th – March 2nd in Barcelona, Spain.

VitiGEOSS takes part in the annual EuroGEO workshop

7 07+01:00 December 07+01:00 2022 - 9 09+01:00 December 09+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS project was presented during the session “EuroGEO for agriculture in support of the partnership “Agriculture of Data” and the European Green Deal” held within the EuroGEO Workshop and celebrated last 7th of December in Athens, Greece.

Eurecat presents VitiGEOSS during the “Fira de Novembre” online exhibition 2022

11 11+01:00 November 11+01:00 2022 - 13 13+01:00 November 13+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS project has been presented during the “Fira de Novembre de Vilanova i la Geltrú” online exhibition which took place from 11th – 13th of November 2022 and brought together a huge variety of expositors from different economic and industry sectors.

Project's researchers presented a VitiGEOSS-poster during the International Congress of the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (CCIA22) celebrated from 19th - 21st of October in Sitges (Spain).

Partners represented the VitiGEOSS project at the workshop “New EO-based High-Resolution soil moisture products to address climate risk and food security” taking place online on the 1st of June 2022.

Partners from BSC present VitiGEOSS during the Barcelona Science Festival

28 28+01:00 May 28+01:00 2022 - 29 29+01:00 May 29+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS project was presented during a session held within the 15th Barcelona Science Festival celebrated from 28th – 29th of May 2022 and organised by the Barcelona City Council.

VitiGEOSS takes part in the Food4Future ExpoFoodTech 2022

17 17+01:00 May 17+01:00 2022 - 19 19+01:00 May 19+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS project coordinator Eurecat has participated at the Food4Future – ExpoFoodTech celebrated from May 17th – 19th in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (Spain).

Eurecat brings VitiGEOSS project to the IoT Solutions World Congress 2022

10 10+01:00 May 10+01:00 2022 - 12 12+01:00 May 12+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS coordinator Eurecat has presented the project in the IoT Solutions World Congress 2022, celebrated from 10th – 12th of May in Barcelona, Spain.

The VitiGEOSS project invites you to take part in our first webinar to explore the current and future challenges of the wine sector and the use of open Earth Observation services.  During the webinar, project partners will present how VitiGEOSS is working to address the challenges by developing an innovative vineyard management solution that integrates

The VitiGEOSS coordinator Eurecat has presented the project during the Mobile World Congress 2022, which took place from February 28th – March 3rd in Barcelona, Spain.

Partners from BSC present VitiGEOSS during the “Weather and Society” conference 2022

28 28+01:00 February 28+01:00 2022 - 11 11+01:00 March 11+01:00 2022

The VitiGEOSS project was presented in the session “The last mile challenges of seamless weather and climate information” organised within the “Weather and Society” online conference from February 28th to March 11th.

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